Working in IT I have met a number of what I would call “IT Extremists”. There are different factions of these people but they are all characterized by a common trait, they don’t see reason and they all take things way too far.

Here are some examples: The framework extremist - this is the person who insists that you have to know this framework or that framework but a sound understanding of programming principles and a couple of languages means it doesn’t take long to pick them up anyway. The reinvention extremist - this is the person who insists that every part of the system should be home grown. The opensource extremist - this is the person that professes or preaches opensource but often doesn’t feed anything back into this ecosystem and just uses it because it is free. I put it to these people that perhaps some moderation, a happy medium would be somewhat better for all concerned. I also suggest that those who use open source should consider contributing something to it either monetary or feed back into the system some of their developments instead of abusing it. Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto.